What to bring


The minimum legal caliber in Victoria for hunting Sambar deer is a .270 Winchester using 130grain projectiles. We recommend that whatever caliber you bring, that it is properly sighted in and fitted with good quality optics, as light conditions, terrain, weather conditions will often make shots difficult. Most shots are taken below 100 meters, however due to vegetation it is often necessary to place you shot quickly and accurately. We also recommend that you invest in good quality premium grade ammunition.


You must have a valid Firearms License and Victorian Game License. For further information on how to get a Game License click Here. More info on licensing can be found in our links.


Although the majority of the terrain we hunt is well wooded, there are instances where a good pair of binoculars may be helpful. You should consider 8x to 10x compacts with good light gathering ability.


You will need a good pair of well worn in boots. If possible they should have an aggressive sole pattern giving a high degree of grip. Some of the terrain can be steep, and walking along a hill contour with good grippy boots will give you more confidence and thus you will be able to spend more time looking for deer.

GPS and Compass

We advise that as a minimum you should have a compass and know how to use one.

If you have a GPS (and know how to use it) then it is a good idea to bring it.

Note: GPS units that are built into mobile phones are not recommended as most of the time there is NO PHONE SIGNAL and they do not work reliably.

UHF Radio

Depending on the number of hunters on the day we have UHF radios that we can lend you. However, this is not guaranteed as there may not be enough to go around. So, if you have your own then it is a good idea to bring it.


A good sharp knife and sharpening steel. Sambar hair is very coarse and often has plenty of dirt within it. This in turn dulls a knife very quickly, hence frequent sharpening is a must.

Backpack or bum bag

Depending on what other personal items you wish to carry in the bush will determine what is best suitable for you. Keep in mind that anything that is carried should be made from a material that is not noisy if a branch should come in contact with it. Also on backpacks it is good if the shoulder straps are nice and wide.


A layer approach to clothing is recommended. Today there is a wide range of hunting clothing available from most gun shops and outdoor retailers. About the only recommendation we can make is that at times a good waterproof coat will be needed. Again as already mentioned the aim should be for clothing that is not noisy.

Food & Drinks

You should bring all the food and drinks that you require. Later in the season we will provide a cooked midday meal each hunting day, this consists of a BBQ in the bush (weather permitting), or else lunch is cooked over the fire at the hut. 

Personal Items

A good quality sleeping bag is a must. In winter nights can be cold. As our hut is fully self contained with flushing toilet, hot water shower, gas fridge, open fireplace and full kitchen facilities you will only require personal items, clothing and refreshments. Note we do not have 240V power. Lights are powered by 12V battery solar system with a small inverter for charging very small electrical devices (GPS, mobile, two way radio).