A note from us

Mansfield Sambar Safaris was established by Ken Leatham over 30 years ago. Ken was a true legend of the area. His passion and knowledge for hunting and the bush was shared with thousands of hunters over the years. 

Sadly in October 2015 Ken passed away. He is sorely missed by many. 

To honour Ken and continue his legacy, his son Richard and wife Clarissa will continue to operate Mansfield Sambar Safaris and are now taking bookings for guided hunts for 2016 and beyond.

Most of the information and articles on this site have been written by Ken, and lets face it he knew what he was talking about so we haven't changed much. The site is still a work in progress, so if you notice we've missed something or there's something else you would like to see just let us know here.


Visiting hunters can enjoy the warm comfort of our dedicated hunting cabin that is located on 100 acres of private land. The cabin is fully self contained with all the basic comforts that you will need at the end of a hard days hunt. We accommodate up to 10 hunters at a time with plenty of room to enjoy a little quite time or share in the cheerful banter with fellow guests.

Each day’s hunting begins with guests being transported to one of our hunting locations. Depending on the number of hunters and the type of terrain, you will be directed to a gully system that has been selected for the days hunting. We will give you detailed instructions on the lay of the land as well as a two way radio should you require assistance. These areas will range in distance, terrain and the time it will take you to hunt. The one thing that you can be certain of is that there are deer in front of you. Trophy’s 30” and greater have been taken from these areas. The aim is for you to hunt your way through the gully system to where a hot cuppa and the vehicle will be waiting.

Should you enjoy a evening hunt, there is plenty of opportunity to go for a quite sit without the need for a vehicle. In the past, lucky hunters have taken deer within a short distance of the cabin.

We will explain all aspects of deer hunting to the beginner, ranging from shot placement, tracking, behaviour, habits and other information that will help the beginner in learning to hunt this challenging deer.

We endeavour to cater for all levels of fitness, however to gain maximum enjoyment and to have the best chance at success you should be in the best physical condition that your age and health will allow. Almost all the country that we hunt is hilly, this can range from gradual inclines to extremely steep. Should you have any special needs, please let us know in advance.

Written by Ken Leatham.